Maps voice not working - Apple Community 2016-3-10 Google maps won't play voice directions - Samsung Galaxy 2017-9-13

Realizing there's no voice to guide you while using your iPhone to navigate can be problematic, causing serious headaches from getting lost to unscheduled pit stops or worse. And while this problem can hit Apple Maps like other navigation apps out there, there are a number of fixes you can try to get navigation audio working again.

Google Maps changed recently, and now the navigation interface is more confusing, it requires several more clicks for navigation to work, and voice directions stopped working. When I click

In order to turn off the voice navigation, just tap the cross button and it will be turned off. Choose the route you want to take if shown different routes and press “Start”. Google Maps voice navigation will be turned on. This was how to turn on voice navigation for Google Maps in Android.

Best 10 Fixes for Google Maps Voice Navigation Not …