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Feb 08, 2015 Bank Secrecy - Swiss Banking Act of 1934 | Swiss Banking Famous quotes containing the words banking, act and/or swiss: “ One of the reforms to be carried out during the incoming administration is a change in our monetary and banking laws, so as to secure greater elasticity in the forms of currency available for trade and to prevent the limitations of law from operating to increase the embarrassment of a financial panic. Switzerland– WashLaw Web

Why do the famous and rich put their money in Swiss Banks

Why do the famous and rich put their money in Swiss Banks The Banking Law of 1934 made it a punishable offense for a Swiss bank to reveal the identity of any of its customers. The secrecy of Swiss banks shields the privacy of bank customers; the obtainable protections under Swiss law are almost like confidentiality protections that exist between physicians and patients or legal practitioners and their Swiss banking secrecy nears end following new tax rules

The SBA has published the revised Agreement on the Swiss banks’ code of conduct with regard to the exercise of due diligence (CDB 20). The now stricter self-regulatory agreement is an important component of the Swiss counter-measures for the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. The CDB 20 will come into force on 1 January 2020 together with FINMA’s revised Anti-Money

SWISS BANKING: Ex-Credit Suisse banker pleads guilty to SWISS BANKING: Ex-Credit Suisse banker pleads guilty to tax evasion By admin in Micronews Swiss resident, Susanne Ruegg Meier, has pleaded guilty to assisting over 1,000 US citizens evade between USD $3.5-9.5 million in tax from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) between 2002-2011. Switzerland Banking Secrecy - Main Features Of Swiss Policy Switzerland banking secrecy is one of the main features of Swiss policy on individual economic freedom and personal privacy. Switzerland banking secrecy is part of a long standing tradition based on the principle that bank professionals must keep all financial and the personal circumstances of all business and affairs of Swiss banking clients, persons or companies like Nevis IBC, in the SWISS BANKING LAWYERS all about taxes - Caputo & Partners