2 days ago · Explore the Xbox 360. Upgrade to Xbox One and play the same blockbuster titles. Xbox 360 games have something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

2 days ago · * Xbox One 主机不兼容部分 Xbox 360 配件和 Kinect,也不兼容需要使用这些配件的游戏。对于向后兼容功能,首次将游戏下载至主机需要 Xbox Live 和宽带网。在线多人游戏和游戏 DVR 部分功能需要购买 Xbox Live 金会员(另售)。 Xbox Support 2020-7-10 · Xbox Support loading How to Get Xbox Live Gold Free Trial - Do You Know? Xbox Live Gold is Microsoft’s online gaming subscription service which a user must have to access online game modes on the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Besides the online gaming feature, Xbox Live Gold membership comes with some additional features as well. Xbox Live Gold members get to enjoy 3-4 free games at the start of every month. How to Add Your Xbox Account and Gamertag to Xbox One Xbox Live Benefits on Xbox One. Keep in mind that your previously purchased Xbox Live subscription plan will work on the Xbox One. Let's say you have 5 months of Xbox Live on your Xbox 360

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Xbox 360, X box Live and Xbox One 2015-2-2 · Xbox 360, X box Live and Xbox One. 1. Understanding parental controls on the Xbox Live Registering with Xbox LIVE sets up automatic parental controls As a parent, you should be the one to set up your Xbox LIVE subscription so that you are in control of your child’s account.

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